• Stefano iulli

    new power and ability

    February 5, 2016 by Stefano iulli

    1:  magic throne

    2: gluttony summon

    3: winestained

    4: voltic chain

    5: fire ball

    6: axe

    7:  thunderstorm

    8: dark hole summon

    9: ice spike

    20: ice wind

    21: lauches poison

    22:  water spray

    23:  throws bones

    24: vampire teeth

    25: wing

    26:  stalker viewfinder

    27:  breathing underwater

    28: zombie summon

    29:  wolfes language

    30: wolf  form

    31:  double jump

    32:  invisibility

    33:  mirror imprisonment

    34: curse immunity

    35: mithridatism

    36: dragon summon

    37: dragon form

    38: prehensile tongue

    39: doll form

    40: claw retraction

    41: wallclawling

    42: advanced intelligence

    43: advanced force

    45: advanced speed

    46: axe x fireball (fire axe)

    47: wolfes language x wolf form (triumvirate of wolfes)

    48: advanced speed x dark hole (black hurricane)

    49: grim reaper summon x curse immunity (fatal si…

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  • Stefano iulli

    new enemies idea

    February 1, 2016 by Stefano iulli

    Beast of geVaudan

                                                                                     ability: fang

                                                                                          description : a wolf mutant hostile much stronger than a normal wild animal

                               weakness: slash. Fire.

    NAME Shub-niggurath
    ABILITY Acid. Tentacle.
    Description A lovecraftian god He generateS abortionS disguStinG
    STRONG Darkness. Curse
    Weakness Light. Water


    • Ability: possesion melee attack
    • Description: these Are ghosts of jappanese mythology
    • Weakness: light
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