Trigger Shard is a type of Shard in Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night.


Skill Shards enables Miriam to launch various magical attacks toward enemies. While Directional Shards are flexible attacks that can be held down, Trigger Shards are one-shot attacks fixed toward a specific direction. Trigger Shards are colored red.

List of Trigger ShardsEdit

This is the list of all Trigger Shards currently known to be in the game.

  • Cerulean Splash: Forms a water vortex to be shot toward the enemies. Dropped by Seama.
  • Cast Amy: Conjures an Amy that floats and tracks enemies slowly. Dropped by Amy.
  • Head Flail: Smashes enemies for huge damage using a Dullahammer's head. Dropped by Dullahammer.
  • Summon Gieremund: Summons a Gieremund to strike the enemy. Dropped by Gieremund.
  • Summon Ape: Summons a furious Ape that leaps toward the enemy. Dropped by Ape.
  • Spear Throw: Launches a spear toward facing direction. Dropped by Lance Armor.