Bloodstained - Familiar Armor

Armor Familiar

Familiars are summonable beings that will assist Miriam in her battles. A Familiar can be summoned once Miriam has acquired and equipped its respective Familiar Shard.



A familiar that is the torso of a living suit of armor. Its key word is "Cool". It ranked 1st in the Poll, and was the one Iga picked.

Dullahammer Head

A floating Dullahammer Head that follows Miriam around.


During the development, players are given the right to participate in a voting session. Of the first four familiars designed, only one of them will make it into the game. Of the two ranked in first and second, IGA was to chose who will get into the game.

When designing the familiars, rather than coming up with a supportive style and then designing around that, they were first drawn up using only one key word as its base reference.

Rejected designs

Bloodstained - Familiar Fairy
A Fairy familiar with an oriental theme.
It's key word is "Cute".
It ranked 2nd in the Poll.
Bloodstained - Familiar Death
A Familiar based off the Grim Reaper.
It's key word is "Scary".
It ranked 3rd in the Poll.
Bloodstained - Familiar Imp
An Imp familiar with a goofy colorful design.
Its key word is "Humor".
It ranked 4th in the Poll.


  • Koji Igarashi drew up the initial sketches for the Reaper Familiar concept, and Yuji Natsume drew up the final polished variation of it.
  • IGA had expected the Fairy to win due to the Japanese fanbase having more of an affinity for cute things and figured the Armor had won due to Western voters.