The following article is based on a subject that has not been officially named in any official Bloodstained material; the current title is merely a placeholder.
Miriam Awakes

The beginning of Miriam's curse.

The Crystal Curse is a curse that was used by the Alchemist guild to engage their plan to bring forth demons to Earth. The curse was initiated by infusing a certain crystal and a "pure orphan", which acts as a beacon for the summoning - sacrificed to attract demons.

Known InfectedEdit

While there might be many before who had been cursed, only two are explicitly named:

The first subject of the curse. The attempt failed, as Miriam fell into a comatose state before the ritual concluded.

The attempt on Gebel succeeded; however, Gebel miraculously survived and used the summoned demons to destroy the Alchemist guild.


Miriam Weapons

Miriam creating weapons via the powers of hell.

People who were affected by the curse and still survive gain access to powerful demonic magic, enabling them to perform feats thought to be impossible by many human. Abilities granted by the curse include casting powerful spells, creating weapons from thin air, and summon demons from hell for the wielder's purposes.

Side EffectsEdit

Miriam Cursed

Side effect of the Crystal Curse

Too many usage of the magical abilities granted by the curse results in the wielder's body crystallizing. It usually starts at the heart, and then form patches around the body. From said patches more crystals will grow until it completely engulfs the wielder, turning them into solid human-shaped crystal.

Slowing the CurseEdit

Enochian Glyphs

Miriam's Enochian Glyph.

It has been shown that the curse is able to be suspended by using the Enochian Glyphs to slow and possibly halt the curse's progress. However, overuse of one's powers will cause the glyphs to lose power for a short period of time. This is why Miriam is able to use abilities that would normally engulf her body in crystals, but then have them reseed after using said powers.


  • The initial patches of crystals that form on people's bodies give the effect of a stained-glass rose. As the curse spreads, patches of the crystal are shaped like rose petals.
  • Bloodstained is the second game in recent years to use the religious language of Enochian in relation to other worldly forces in a videogame, the first being the Bayonetta franchise. The Demons and Angels of the franchise speaking Enochian as their primary language.
  • The Enochian words that make up Miariams seal reads "COGIGRARASHI", referencing the series creator Koji Igarashi. [1]



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