Title screen of the demo

Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night have playable demos to demostrate a portion of the game development progress.

Special versions of the demo subtitled "E3 Ver." are handed on during the Electronic Entertainment Expo festivals of 2016 and 2017.

2016 DemoEdit

The E3 2016 demo consists takes place in Galleon "Minerva". In this short demo, the player will guide Miriam through the large ship, culminating in the fight against boss Vepar on the front mast of the galleon.

Enemies: Morte, Seama, Amy, Buer, Morte Cannon, Dullahammer, Vepar (Boss).

Shards: Cerulean Splash, Cast Amy, CON Booster, Fire Cannon, Head Flail.

There is a speed run for this; its results can be seen here.

2017 DemoEdit

The 2017 version of the demo takes place at the Church of Dian Cecht. The player once again controls Miriam to fight through hordes of enemies, with the boss Bloodless waiting at the end of the stage. This demo revealed more enemies, Shards and weapons.

Enemies: Morte Bone, Gieremund, Dullahammer Head, Light Elemental, Okyupeta, Lance Armor, Ape, Bloodless (Boss).

Shards: Double Jump, Bone Throw, Summon Gieremund, Dullahammer Head (Familiar), Resist Holy, Spear Throw, Summon Ape.

A playable demo which may or may not be based on this one was planned to be delivered to backers in August of 2017, but has since then be delayed.[1]


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