Design from E3 2017 Demo

Bloodless is an enemy in Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night. She is a boss that would be fought by Miriam at the Church.


Bloodless resembles a young woman with pale skin and long black hair. Initially naked, she assembles a red dress made of blood before fighting Miriam at the Church. Her dress becomes more and more tattered as Miriam damages her, although she would refashion it after some time.

At the time of her reveal, IGA has stated that her appearance might be changed in the future.[1]


Bloodless is able to manipulate streams of blood, using it for verious purposes, from creating dress and umbrellas, to generating swirling vortex and localized rain.


  • In an interview, IGA has stated that Bloodless is a good example of his approach into the gothic horror concept, which he defines as "a grotesque mixed up with a little bit of erotica."[2]


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