The 29th demon in the Lesser Key of Solomon. Covered in a gigantic dragon, he holds a poisonous snake in his right hand. Of all the wandering demons in the castle, Astarot is particularly strong. His powerful fire attack is said to have developed from his study of dragons.


Astarot has his origins as a demon in the medieval grimoires. According to the writings in The Lesser Key of Solomon, Astarot is the twenty-ninth spirit listed in the Ars Goetia. He is an exceptionally powerful Duke of Hell assisted by four demons: Amon, Barbatos, Rashaverak and Pruslas. He can seduce men through laziness and vanity, make men wise in mathematical sciences and handicrafts, reveal hidden treasures, make men invisible and give them power over serpents.

He is described as an angel, riding on a dragon and holding a viper in his hand. This description appears to be tied to the images of celestial bodies, to which the summoning of spirits were linked, although how exactly is unclear. He possesses the image of a spirit of Jupiter, "A King having a beard, riding on a Dragon". Because his name contains the letter "s", he holds a viper (serpenta in Latin) in his hand. Having the rank of Duke, he wears a crown upon and his head and appears in a humanly shape, and possesses angel wings, possibly to signify his status as a fallen angel. In the Dictionnaire Infernal he does not appear as an old man, and is given dragon's hands, feet, and wings.

His name is derived from the Canaanaite goddess Ashtoreth, known in Greek as Astarte, who was known by the Babylonians as Ishtar and by the Sumerians as Inanna.[1]


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